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Best-in-class digital asset protection for Bitcoin.

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Custody You Can Trust

We're experts in digital currency deposits. Our custody service is the most convenient and secure vault in the industry offering a platform utilizing secure segregated accounts.

Industry-leading Security Strategy

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Secure Best Practices

We employ advanced security protocols including custom key segmentation, military grade encryption and redundant backups.

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Physical Protection

We provide protection for your assets against the elements, natural distators and even EMP's.

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Geographic Distribution

Assets are stored in geographically separated vaults with 24/7 security and armed personnel.

Your Choice of Availability

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Warm Wallet

Warm wallets are available for transfer almost immediately; although still stored offline for your protection.

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Cold Wallet

Cold wallets are stored across geographically distributed vaults and requires a 48 hour notice to transfer funds.

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  • Segregated Client Accounts
  • 24/7 white glove customer service
  • Multi-signature account security
  • Many to one account structure with access controls and audit report

Get Started

FREE forever

Accounts with balances under $10k will always be free.

  • Personal Account
  • Cold Storage Protection

1% per year

Accounts with balances over $10k will be charged a 1% annual fee.

  • Personal Account
  • Cold Storage Protection
  • 24/7 Customer Support